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The Ferry Building in Auckland harbor.

Auckland from Mt. Eden (a dormant volcano)

At Mt. Eden

Historic Church

The New Zealand "War Museum" - the home of the Maori exhibits.

There were many pieces of beaded art work.

A beaded Polynesian garment.

There was a toy exhibit with this clockwork train set.

A Polynesian sailing vessel.

The Maori clutural show

The Sky Tower dominates the Auckland skyline

Sailing (and the America's Cup) are major activities.

Our arrival in Auckland on Thursday was a reversed culture shock. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, and reminds us of a mix of San Francisco, Toronto, and New York in many ways. We are treating ourselves to a stay at the Hilton on Princes Wharf, right on the waterfront. On Friday morning, we took a one-and-a-half hour small-bus tour around the city to get oriented, and ended at the Auckland Museum which features Maori exhibits and a cultural show. The performance was wonderful! That evening we had a wonderful dinner in the Hilton waterfront restaurant. Yesterday, we walked around and shopped a bit, acquainting ourselves with the products available at the drug store and food stores. Today we are resting up in preparation for our departure to the Cook Islands early tomorrow morning. We will be in the Cook Islands for almost a month, spending the first few days on an outer island, Mauke, and then joining our Global Volunteer group on Roratonga for the following three weeks. Any updates to this web journal will probably not be posted until we return to New Zealand in November.

P.S. For those of you who want to know: we researched how the water drains out of our sink here in the Southern Hemisphere - we observed it to be clockwise. For more information on this topic (Coriolis effect), here is an article on the web: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_161

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