Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Ambassador of Canada's house

Bono's gate

Bono's house is behind all the trees

coast landscape

Enya's castle

Enya's castle further away

A golfcourse on the coast

mountain stream

rushing water

It was really windy

wicklow countryside

classroom in the jail

guards at the jail

Kelsey and I getting released from jail, Pat got us out

Me and Kelsey and the creepy dummy in the dungeon

outside of the jail

Prisoners excersice

The hanging spot

wicklow jail

Got up early and took the DART train to Pat and Dianne's. Pat is my dad's cousin. Pat's relative on the other side of family also is living here in Dublin. Her name is Kelsey. She also met up with us. Pat drove us down the coast in his car down to a pub that serves a carvery lunch (a hot buffet kind of meal). It was really good. Lots of pubs here put on Carvery lunches. Pat drove us by Enya's castle and by Bono's house. We drove down to Bray which is right on the coast and got some ice cream. The roads here in Ireland are so narrow and windy. We stopped and did a tour of Wicklow Gaol (jail).

And actor guy dressed up in old clothes came and greeted us. We listened to him talk in a small jail cell from the 1700's. Kids would be put in jail for the smallest things. It was kind of creepy. We went down into the dungeon area. A small door had a flap on it that said to open so Kelsey did and a dummy's face was right there and a voice started talking. We both jumped haha.

Found out that Australia was called convict island back in the day because alot of the prisoners here would be sent to Australia.

Went back to Pat and Dianne's for a pizza dinner and then headed home on the Dart. It was a really fun day.

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