View from Dentist Chair, Charlevoix, MI

Found a dentist in Charlevoix, Michigan who was able to re-install my crown- had to put a new post in it and says he "thinks" it will hold til we get home when I may need to have the old crown replaced. If you are ever in need of dental services in Charlevoix, the guy was great - Jeffrey Porter, D.D.S.. Older gentleman and very nice. But the best part (if there was one) was that his office looked out over the harbor of Charlevoix on Lake Michigan near the coast guard station and while you were sitting in the dental chair, you had a beautiful view of the yachts and other "ta-ta" places. Charlevoix is definitely a "come back" place. Old, Victorian homes and very exclusive "clubs" like the Belvedere Club. Lovely lighthouse etc.

Drove on after the dental visit to Mackinaw City where we stayed two nights (5/30 and 5/31) at Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground. We were camped on Lake Huron (a first time see for both of us)with a lovely view of the Mackinaw Straits Bridge - a long suspension bridge over the intersection of Lakes Michigan and Huron.

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