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Start of Route 66 trip to Oatman

Mountain cut through on R66

Burros on side of road

Switchback near Oatman, speed limit 15mph

Mountain view from car

Big rock view from car

Scarylooking sky in the mountains

Brown burrow that kicked at Henry

Bill with cool new hat?

Boss burrow on streets of Oatman

Outlaw Willies, Oatman

snow at campsite in Kingman

We got to Kingman on Friday thinking it would be a good place to rest for a few days before we move on to Las Vegas. But, we couldn't help but take a trip to Oatman when we heard that we would have (get) to drive a scenic section of the original Route 66 to get there.

Oatman is a small town named after a young girl that was kidnapped by the Indians in the 1800's. The town and area are unique because there are wild burros that roam the streets and countryside. The streets are filled with burros and we took some carrots along for feed. One of the little guys (the brown one) didn't like Henry and tried to kick him. Henry's cool though and just gave him the ole "yawn." The town folks are also famous for their leather, made in the USA, hats. (Note pic of Bill and Henry) BUT, the best part of the trip was the ride to and from Oatman on Route 66.

The "highway" is two lanes with no guardrails, very narrow, scary and with beautiful scenery. The speed limit is 30mph with many stretches only 15 mph. Wild Burros sprinkle the mountainsides and passengers hang out of their cars snapping cameras in hopes of a "Travel Magazine" quality photo. This 60 mile round trip was by far our most exciting and wonderful. Partly because it was totally unexpected and partly because it truly was wonderful!

While we were at our campsite in Kingman it started to snow and rain. It lasted about and hour and was completely melted in about another hour. These mountains are totally unpredictable and we love it. What a change from Houston.

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