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Some families use a wedding planner who hires a caterer, cake baker, florist, live orchestra, etc. My niece hired her family. It was fun to see two families, who had barely known each other before their children had fallen in love, work together to make this wedding a special day. The event took place on Uncle Sam's farm in the middle of nowhere, FL. He had taken parts of his old greenhouse and fashioned a wedding pavillion for the reception. The father-in-law, groom and groomsmen, labored for most of the day, assembling the pavillion, building an arch under two huge trees, and setting out chairs and tables. The mother-in-law, bride and bridesmaids, went to friends homes to pick fresh flowers, which they draped over the arch and artfully arranged into bouquets. The mother and aunts worked inside, assembling finger sandwiches, appetizers, and other vegetarian items for dinner after the wedding. A brother who works as a DJ, brought his dance club equipment to provide appropriate music for the entire evenng. One aunt and uncle photographed the day's events and the other aunt and uncle took the video. And so on.

At times these many workers going off in all directions, gave the impression that things might never come together. but shortly after 4pm, the sun moved behind the clouds so that the wedding could take place under the arch without blinding the eyes of the onlookers and a beautiful ceremony took place without a hitch. And they all lived happily after.

All good things come to an end. We are headed home, wearing our shorts for the last time.

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