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sunrise from the train to catania

in catania's central piazza

Catania's medieval castle- Castello Ursino

front of catania's Il Duomo

Catania's Il Duomo

the "famous" volcanic elephant fountain

the "famous" volcanic elephant fountain

Fountain of Neptune

I feel like this entry should be entitled, "Jessica learns to use the train system." I was supposed to take a train to Naples, then switch to an overnight train in Naples to get to Sicilia. Seems simple enough, right? Well, it would have been except I had only 30 minutes to change trains, we were15 minutes late to Naples, and, as it turned out, I not only had to change trains, but change train STATIONS in Naples. I finally made it, however, to Catania around 7:30 am.

A large portion of the city was built using lava and volcanic ash from the active volcano that towers above the skyline- Mt. Etna. I managed to see the sunrise for the second time on this trip, blieve it or not, when we passed through Taormina on the train. You could see the sun rising over the sea from one side of the train and Mt. Etna billowing smoke from the other.

Catania itself is much different than Firenze. I have found very few people who speak any English (aside from the man who runs the hotel), and there is very little within walking distance. I could take the bus to the beach, but the train was hard enough; I'm not sure I'm ready to conquer the bus system in a place where I can't really communicate with anyone.

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