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Marker threads for the mud mee

How marker threads show up in the cloth

pattern heddles used for skirt band and jacket border

2 strips of border woven at same time

Phu tai weaver in costume at her loom

Generations passing on the knowlege

Traditional welcome dance for us

Up at 4:15 for 5:30 flight

Flew Thai Air to Khon Kaen, went to Chonnabot District, Baan Wang Woen to see mud mee production.

Frames were Khmer style, lao frame but with a board holding the warp on the back beam. I was able to confirm the use of marker threads in the use of the complex mud mee. Basically tied into the warp and cut at the end and used as part of the design element to frame the pattern. Pictures posted above.....They used 1:2 twill structure with 3 shafts. 1 shaft was tied to 2 and 3. 3 shaft was tied to 1 and 2. Where there were 2 shafts together they had a wishbone tie that enabled one or the other to flip up and down. There was a direct tie up to 3 treadles. Clever use of the wishbone to allow flexibility.

Drove to Baan Pone, Phu Thai ethnic group and they had a bad sri ceremony and live "amplified" traditional music. Great weaving and color at this village. Nice example of how the skirt and jacket borders were woven with tied heddles. See the pictures that |I have posted for this day for this pattern device.

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