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there comes the baby-tide

Bore tide is an interesting phenomenon. In a very long inlet or a river the upper region might still be emptying water thinking that it is low tide out at sea, while the rising tide from the outside is already flooding in from the opening of the waterway. where the two currents meet is a wave that travels upstream, filling the valley with water behind. I saw it once in Alaska, about a foot high wave and was looking forward to seeing a more impressive one at Mocton. We knew that they built some sort of a structure to curb it, since it was so strong at times that buildings were destroyed. So, between this hamparing and the new moon we did not expect a monster one like the ones that some people surfed for many miles moving upriver in Brasil, but...

They actually post expected time of arrival at town. We were there, along with dozens of other tourists waiting. and waiting and waiting. for a long time. and waiting. when the expected time of arrival passed by oner an hour we gave up and went a bit further up to a KFC and sat down on the bank of the river to munch on chicken when it happened. It certainly was not a monster wave. As a matter of fact it took me some convincing before Michelle agreed that it was not the tiniest wave caused by the wind. The only hallmark that proved it that the half an inch tiny wave travelled upriver from one all the way from where we first saw it beyond the next bend in the river above. Was it worth spending 3 hours waiting for it? Not sure.

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