Welcome to TTN Long Beach

Nice welcome entrance

Sign in at the Welcome center get the latest info. They tell...

We park it and settle in for the duration.

At these TTN preserves if you don't have an RV you can...

A yurt or bring your own tent, there are always tent spaces.

Dave's displays his shipment of ropes, colorful aren't they?

Looking south we see Cape Disappointment, on the backside is the Columbia...

The gals walk along the beach enjoying the sunshine!

We kick back and watch the waves dance their magic dance.

One day finished home improvement project, reupholstering the dining chairs

After 10 years we tire of some of the color schemes that...

Rebecca drove us out of the park and continued half way to our destination of a total of 94 miles. Her portion was the narrow, windy, hilly part, she thinks Dave plans these difficult portions just for her, he just smiles ;) She often says, the 24 hour deodorant quits early on those type of drives. Another ;)

We arrive at TTN Long Beach just in time for a big rush of RVs coming in to town for a very popular car show weekend. It'll be the last big hurrah for this little town and their tourist season. And, as we find out the RV park will be full. We grab a nice spot, park it and settle in. We like this little park, 122 spaces and a short walk of 300 yards to the beach, lots to see and do in the area. One can certainly stay busy off property, if one wants to do so.

Both of us get packages delivered that we ordered last week. Dave got his first order of lariat ropes from his supplier in Texas and Rebecca gets her huge order of beads from Florida. Rebecca sold out of her Twirlies twice in the last 5 weeks. That means she sold about 35 or more! She's still grinning and working hard to build up her inventory. Dave will start his new craft of lariat rope art and set aside his rodbuilding to very part time hobby status.

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