We enter into Alabama

At the rest area they had this humongous rocket, from Huntsville NASA...

A better picture of the Rocket

early morning frost and fog coming off the pond

a view up the pond, love the turning leaves!

our camp site, we filled up with H2O before arriving and will...

an overall view of the situation.

We woke up to frost on the picnic table, brrrr it was 30 degrees. Time to head south, we're a little late, actually. The drive was a quick and easy 149 miles. We're a smidgeon south of Huntsville, AL. We landed in the front yard, driveway of our friends Lee and Sheila. We were here last year also, after our visit over at Branson, MO. We've known Lee and Sheila for about 3 years now, have become fast friends. They have opened their driveway for us and we'll have a good time for a few days. They make sure we're well fed.

This part of north central Alabama is farming hill country, cellphones don't work well out here, much less 3G..., wide open and beautiful land. Our hosts have a few acres with a medium size pond next to the home. So welcoming and wonderful to sit next to it and contemplate.

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