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Built up Vina del Mar beachfront

Blackpool makes this promenade looked good

Today we took a short bus journey from our base in Valpo to the seaside resort of Vina del Mar. The beach was very sandy and then shelved steeply down to the ocean. The sea looked quite rough and every so often the waves would break so fiercely that we would be gently showered with the spray. A very pleasant way to spend the day.

We spent the late morning and afternoon sunbathing on the beach in the company of some very bronzed and very beautiful women. Sorry guys - I wouldn't let Danny take any photos. Aren't I a spoil sport?

Our sunbathing was interrupted only by our search for food at around 2pm. We soon realised that the very nice looking restaurants along the sea front would not be in our price range. A few blocks inland after dismissing the countless restaurants offering Empandanas (been their done that)we found a very busy and extremely clean little eatery which seemed to cater to the locals on their lunch breaks. The system for getting your food was as complicated as ever - Chilean shop keepers just love to give you as many pieces of paper as possible which you then hand on to various staff around the store. I guess it keeps people in jobs. But once we had worked the system we sat down to some traditional lasagne and salad.

Once back in Valpo we explored the shopping district some more buying goodies in preparation for that bus journey which starts tomorrow at 9.30am. You won't be hearing from us for a while...

Day 292 complete

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