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Last night I was trying to close a wooden tray table and had it going the wrong way to close, so I turned it to close it the right way and lost hold of it and it slammed down and pinched my third finger on the nail. OMG! It was soo painful. I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t move it because the throbbing was so intense. Kelly had a cute little ice pack (looks like a teddy bear face) which helped alleviate the pain. Today the nail and the back of my finger are all black and blue and it still hurts. I cannot even imagine having my fingernails ripped off as a torture. Believe me, seeing that set of pliers come at me, I would tell all, and make up stuff as I got going. It hurt like a son of a gun. Today I am going to try to use the finger injury for sympathy. Peel me a grape, please.

I went down to the trailer to pick up some food as we are not able to get it till tomorrow. I was impressed by how cold everything still was. Go little refrigerator.

I know this is supposed to be a travel journal, but since we are not traveling right now I am trying to find topics that you might be interested in. Hopefully, you might find my life a bit interesting.

We decided not to go back to Elma, and I am so very happy. Our friend, Bob, said we can keep the trailer at his house, and Kelly & Alex want us to stay with them, so we will be rotating our beds for the next week. Now, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? What I meant to say was that we will stay in the trailer for a few days, and then stay with Kelly & Alex for a few days. Whew…didn’t want to confuse you.

Here it is later in the evening and the finger injury did not work at all. Sympathy was not forthcoming, in fact, no one asked about it until I put it in their faces to show them the bruising. Know what they said….”oh, that looks bad”. I think the problem is that I am incredibly accident prone, and they know it, so nothing impresses them anymore. I must have used up all my sympathy card punches.

We had polenta with a tomato based vegetable sauce. It is something I made up and I am proud to say, everyone really liked it. I also made a side salad of avocado, red grapes and English cucumber, chopped, then sprinkled a little lemon spice mix over them and it was a hit as well. I know the salad thing sounds weird, but actually it was quite good. I couldn’t fail with this group! Probably feeling guilty about their lack of sympathy for my pain. Anyhow, I blushed and took all the compliments, as the real trooper that I am.

Everyone has gone to bed. The house is so quiet. The dog is lying at my feet as I type. I love it late at night when I am the only one up. The serenity gives me a chance to gather my thoughts, think over the day and make plans for tomorrow. It also is a time that I can add to my gratitude list. Jake stays up with me when we are here as I am usually the last one to go to bed. When it is time, he slowly rises and walks up the stairs with me. Sometimes he lies down by our door, other times he goes into Kelly & Alex’s room to sleep. But, I find it comforting that he likes to hang out with me in the silence. It’s as though he feels he has to stay downstairs with me to be sure I am okay. I love that. And, you know what Jake, it works. I do feel safe with you around.

Interesting fact: “The chicken is one of the few things that man eats before it's born and after it's dead”.

That just sounds awful, doesn’t it?

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