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A lovely lily pad flower at Carillon Point.

A rose, still sporting droplets from its morning watering.

An abstract photo, reflections of a boat moored at the marina.

An interesting chair/sculpture at Carillon Point.

Snoqualmie Falls.

A train car with trees growing out of it!

I just loved the colors of this old boxcar.

Number 6.

Number 529.

Just an abstract texture shot of the side of a boxcar.

A wonderful barn that had me longing for a dramatic cloud-sky.

Ian enjoys a libation on the patio at Steven and Linda's.

A white petunia glowing with the sunset light at Steven and Linda's...

Sunset on Pine Lake, back of Linda and Steven's.

The four of us -- photo by Steven Dempsey.

A seagull resting on the remains of an old pier, with Mt....

An unused pier at Mukilteo.

The Mukilteo Lighthouse.

Ian listens to Brett explaining something complicated.

I don't know what this flower is, but I've never seen anything...

Our visit to Seattle was more about people than places. We’ve been in Seattle several times in the past few years, so we didn’t really need to do the tourist-y stuff. We planned to visit our friends Steven Dempsey and Linda Davey, former cyber- now real friends, who live in Sammamish, near Seattle. As our plans took shape, through the magic of Facebook our ex-Phoenix friend Bret Doss got in touch and invited us to visit him in his current home of Everett, not that far away from where we were going to stay. So we had another reason to spend time in the area.

We spent our first couple of days in the area replenishing our stores of food and other necessities – we made a trip to Whole Foods and to Costco. Unfortunately we did both on a Saturday – not the smartest move, but, hey, we don’t always know what day it is these days!

On Monday Ian had arranged to take the truck in for an oil change and minor service, so Steven picked me up for a photography outing to some of his favorite places. Our first stop was Carillon Point in Kirkland, a beautiful – and on this non-weekend morning very peaceful and quiet – marina with nice gardens surrounding the hotel and residential buildings overlooking the marina. We had hoped to stop at a gluten-free bakery Steven (actually, Linda) had located in the area but when we found it we discovered it was closed on Monday, which this was. Too bad, but we did some window shopping among the galleries and shops nearby.

From there we drove to Snoqualmie Falls, a popular tourist destination in the area. The lighting wasn’t ideal for photography, but it’s an impressive sight nonetheless. We looked at the falls from the viewing platform but, given the lighting, decided not to hike down to a better viewpoint but to move on to another spot.

From the falls, we drove a short way to a collection of old trains which, given my fascination with old trains, occupied a significant amount of time. Unfortunately most of them were behind a high fence, but I was still able to get some interesting photos – they were mostly about the texture of the peeling paint and rusting metal cars, but still they were wonderful.

After a delicious Mexican-food lunch we went out to a rural area, Carnation, that is special to Steven and of which he has made a number of wonderful photos. Unfortunately, this afternoon the skies were “severe clear” and the lighting was, um, boring, so we just enjoyed the pastoral scenes and peaceful atmosphere.

From there we made our way back to our campground, where Ian joined us and we followed Steven to their home on Pine Lake, a small lake near the larger Lake Sammamish. Linda soon joined us, after a long workday, and we all relaxed with wine and good food.

The next day Steven picked up Ian and me and took us to Mukilteo, a nice harbor and beach area north of Seattle. We had a couple of peaceful hours wandering around the beach (the tide was out, making for some interesting sights on the beach) and looking at the lighthouse before Steven returned us to our campground and went back home to his fatherly duties. Later that day he and Linda came back out to Bothell and we had a nice evening of food, wine, conversation and laughter before we parted. The next day Linda was to take her oldest daughter to New Jersey to college and Steven had to go back to work, so it was an early evening. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know these fun people and we look forward to seeing them again somewhere down the line.

Our last day in the area we drove up to Everett and met Bret Doss for lunch. Bret was, with the two of us, a founding member of Imageworks, a photography group in Phoenix, and we hadn’t seen him in 5 years, since his move to Everett to take a job with Boeing Corp. At his suggestion we met at a wonderful restaurant on the waterfront (we just can’t get enough of waterfronts here in Washington!) and had a great time catching up on our lives in the intervening time. Thanks, Bret, for a wonderful lunch and we look forward to seeing you again on our next visit to the Seattle area.

So, finally, it was time for us to begin our trek southward. After lots of research and consultation we decided to get back on the southern portion of the“Cascade Loop” as a scenic drive out of the Seattle area and head southeast into the Washington Wine Country.

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