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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle 2

Lammie says hello to the turtle

Cuttle Fish

We give chase to a huge manta ray


Giant clam


A look at our gauges

Group photo

Hi Nige!!!!

Sexy in rubber

Say cheese!!

After another great dive

After getting our gear sorted at the Pro Dive shop, we were ushered onto to our boat, which would be our home for the next 3 days and 2 nights.

While we were having breakfast, the boat pulled out and we made our way out to the reef. It was a pretty rough ride, with plenty of pitching a rolling. Blech. As we sat out on the back deck fighting to keep breakfast down, we sympathised with the folks who lost their own battles.

Trip Summary:


Nigel: 11 dives

Lammie: 10 dives (missed one due to queeziness)

Max Depth Nigel: 22.1m

Max Depth Lammie: 21.1m

Favorite Dive L&N:

Tie: night dive 1 (first shark sighting!) and dive #1 on day 3 (sleeping shark, 2 sea turtles, beautiful fan coral, blue spotted stingray, HUGE manta ray, and SO MANY fish!!)

Worst Dive L&N:

Night dive 2 --Mario led 3 of us on a deep water night dive. Couldn't see the bottom it was so deep! The max depth on this dive was supposed to be 12m and this guy was swimming well below us at about 15-16m. We both looked at our compasses and realized he was taking us in the wrong direction!!! After we turned around and headed back to the boat, we saw a school of humpheaded wrasse (these guys are huge!), so all was not lost. We laugh about it now, but at the time, it really sucked.


This dive trip was our anniversary present to each other. It was AMAZING!!! Pro Dive was a great company to go with --we were very happy with them. The boat was very comfortable and all the cabins were twin-share. The food was good too. Though only the first dive and the first night dive were guided, we didn't feel lost or worried about having to navigate and go on our own for the other dives. At the beginning of each dive, we had a briefing with a suggested route and co-ordinates. There was a spotter sitting at the top of the boat too. Also, it was inevitable that we would bump into other diving pairs from our boat along the dive at some point, which was good because we would point out things to each other (like Nemo, moray eels, puffer fish, sharks, turtles, and stingrays!). Unfortunately, we didn't find Seabiscuit on this trip either.

The night dives were our first. We had glow sticks attached to our tanks so we could be seen in the water. Our flashlights were pretty strong too, which helped us spot the shark!! Boy was it creepy catching the eye-shine from that guy!!! Out of nowhere, you get a glowing red eye looking back at you. Eeeek!

We now have 14/15 dives under our belts!! COOL!!!!

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