The clubhouse from the outside...

Loved all the carvings and the deck area..

More carvings and a beautiful hot tub..


People snapping pictures of the two humpbacks feeding near the clubhouse..

We had a great time..

The place was packed, there must have been about 80 people..

Cruise ship photos outside...

We have seen over 20 cruise ships from our RV...

Last one!

We received an invitation from Brown’s Bay Resort to attend their Victoria Day Potluck. This is a special three-day holiday for them. The potluck was held at the beautiful clubhouse. It was one of the nicest potlucks we have ever attended. They had tables full of BBQ chicken with every kind of side and dessert you can think of. The chicken was provided by the campground, we all provided the sides. It was incredible! The clubhouse has a huge deck outside with all sorts of fish and mermaid carving, one even looks like bigfoot. People were running inside and out to see two humpback whales feeding in the waters right outside the clubhouse. We also saw the Norwegian Sun Cruise Ship passing by, people were snapping pictures all over the place. It was a fun day, we met a lot of new Canadian friends as well as people from all over the world. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from Vancouver Island.

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