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Another day of travel for us. I don’t usually enjoy travel days much but the past two days have been pretty relaxing days on the road. Everything has traveled well, the car towed like a dream, and the weather has been great, although a bit hot after being in the mountains all summer.

Today we pulled out of High Plains Campground in Oakley at 7:40 AM. We stopped to fill up with fuel on the outskirts of Salina’s east side, then pulled right back onto the interstate.

It was just a couple of minutes before 1:00 PM when we pulled in to Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka.

We were all set up by 1:30 and I took time to make some business calls, one to cancel our current Medicare Supplemental Policies, which we have replaced by going with Mutual of Omaha, and taking advantage of an $1800 per year savings on the cost.

The second call was to my Credit Card Company.

We had reserved a campsite at a Corps of Engineers Campground in Missouri, and made a payment for the two weeks, using my credit card. You know, the one which was compromised (Info stolen).

When I cancelled that reservation just a few days ago, they made a credit to my credit card account, but it was to the old card, which is no longer valid.

Not to worry! My credit card company assured me that the credit on my old card would appear as a credit on my new card (account).

With business taken care of, we looked forward to some relaxation.

We contacted friends, Tom & Berni, and made arrangements to have dinner together this evening.

We are staying tomorrow night as well, and will see more friends, John & Lori, who are brand new grandparents. We fully expect to see lots of pictures of the new baby! John & Lori, are you reading this? LOL

I managed to get a shower and dressed in some clean clothing.

After two days on the road, setting up and then breaking camp, those clothes were ready for the hamper for sure!

I promised Marilyn that tomorrow morning, I would fix bacon and pancakes for breakfast, and serve that to her with some fresh melon cut into chunks. She will make the coffee and we’ll enjoy a fine, relaxing breakfast, maybe outdoors at the picnic table.

Yessir! Life is Good!

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