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Wow, has it been a year already???!!!!!!!!

We watched the sunrise as we drove to the airport. We said goodbye to Jess and Jim and patted the belly --see you when you're a bit older, little one!!!

We were headed to Cairns today!!

But before we got to Cairns, we had a bit of excitement. As our plane took off, we smelled fumes coming from the air vents. It smelled like burning plastic and was quite a strong smell. Once we got to cruising altitude, the smell went away and we didn't think much of it then. However, though we had levelled off and there was no turbulance, the fasten seatbelt signs didn't go off even after quite some time. The stewardesses were quickly going up and down the aisles. About 15-20mins into the flight, just around the time when you would have had an announcement from the pilot or maybe the start of inflight entertainment, we did a 180 degree turn. Suddenly, Lammie was sitting in the sun again. We looked at each other and knew something was up, but no announcement had been made. Before we knew it, the plane started to descend, and we hit some minor turbulance. Still no announcement. To stop our minds from wandering too far, we picked up the inflight magazine and started to go through it. Finally, an announcement!! Oddly enough, the pilot sounded like he was Darth Vader. He informed us that people had smelled fumes in the cabin and that we were heading back to Melbourne just in case. Shortly thereafter, we landed safely at Melbourne and were greeted on the runway with fire engines. They stopped us out on the tarmac and checked to make sure our brakes weren't overheated before pulling into the gate. As we waited on the tarmac, the pilot, no longer sounding like Darth Vader, apologized for the poor quality of the previous announcement. The pilots were all wearing oxygen masks to prevent from being overcome by the fumes. Scary.

To the relief of all the passengers, we changed planes. There were LOTS of relieved faces when we got back into the terminal!!!! We all watched as a tractor came and pushed the plane back from the gate and pulled it off to get checked. An hour later, we boarded the other plane and had a rather pleasant flight to Cairns.

Cairns has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. It now boasts a billion dollar boardwalk, huge outdoor pool, and many picnic and BBQ stations opposite the Esplanade. We watched the sunset from the pier, and had a lovely dinner complete with champers.

A lovely end to an exciting day.

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