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Another dive boat at sea

Riviera Beach seem to be booming

Our boat at the docks

When we moved to Florida we were talking about the things that we are going do a lot around here and scuba diving was one of those on top of the list. Months came and gone and we never did any of it, but finaly it was time.

Palm Beach are is suppose to present unique and great opportunities to divers. The Gulf Current flows very, very close to shore here, so you can sit in warm and relatively clear water which flies you by the under water attractions.

First surprise is very pleasant. I called Diving solutions to make a reservation. All they wanted was a name (Charlie) and the number of people in the party (2). They did not as a phone number, or a credit card number. How unusual for the US!!!

Friday evening the car made a conspicuous noise so we were not so sure about the 4 hour drive to Palm Beach and the other 4 back on the same day. However the car behaved and we got there in time. They were nice and pretty layed back. All the other divers had real nice gear on board and most of them were hugely overweight. Michelle made a comment that at times she has a problem with finding small enough gear for herself, but apparently having gear for supersized people is not a problem.

The dives were pretty shallow, 50-60 feet deep (less than 20 meters), the current was nice, fast but not too rapid. The visibility was not what we expected, not more than 30-40 feet. There are no big hard coral reefs there, it is a flat lime stone bottom, or a 3-10 feet high rock ledge, all covered with large soft fan corals waving in the current. The real nice thing was the huge number of mid and small size colorful, pretty fish. On the second dive we also found two turtles and two big lobsters. Also, the murey eals in the area are very nicely colored. While we are spoiled in that we've seen some incredible thing underwater elsewhere, with visibility raf superior to Palm, but we had a great time. Good enough that we may even invest some more into scuba gear.

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