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Eucalyptus leaves... yum...

*munch* *munch*

Time to go...

What's that say about me?


New patch of leaves...

Sleepy Head!!!

Oh, hello...

Huge waves at the Nobbies

Watch out for the birdie!


ready... steady... RUN!!!!!

Bye! Goodnight! See you tomorrow!

Our first stop on Phillip Island was the Koala Sanctuary. The Koalas were VERY cute! We got some great photos of one that was just hanging out, munching away on the eucalyptus leaves. We were the only ones there, and he was just a few feet away from the railing.

After a while, he wanted a change of scenery (or he got tired of us staring at him). He climbed down off the branch and onto the railing infront of us. Pausing only to look at the warning sign he just hopped over (don't shout at & don't pet the koalas and don't shake the trees), he wandered along the railing to towards the next tree and climbed up.

As we were walking out of the area, we realized that there was a sleepy head up in the tree right infront of us the whole time!! We just hadn't noticed her!! She was even closer to the railing than the other one.

In all, we saw 11 Koalas!! They are SO CUTE and look so soft and fuzzy!!

We then made our way out to see the Nobbies - a small group of islands just off the tip of Phillip Island. There were tonnes of seagulls as it was their mating season. It was pretty windy out and the birds just hovered above. Then with the slightest tilt of the wings, it was carried off with the wind. It was a neat sight to see.

Down the road at the Penguins, we opted to go for the normal grandstand admission, as opposed to box seats or up in the tower. We got a great spot over by where the penguins climbed up off the beach and onto the path into the bushes. These little guys were SO small!!! It was really cute!

At about 6:45pm, the first few penguins surfed onto the beach in a small group. They huddled together and waited for more to arrive before making a run for the bushes. Sometimes, a few of them would chicken out, turn around, and run back into the water!! Too funny. We followed a group of them along the boardwalk. Some of these penguins walked all the way up to the visitors' centre! That's a long way for us, not to mention what a trek it would be for a little penguin! When we headed back to the car, we saw a ranger shine his flashlight at a penguin in the bushes right in the parking lot. (You're no longer allowed to take photos, so the ones uploaded were taken from the web).

It was a really fun day. We rounded it off with some good ol' fish and chips before the drive back to Frankston.

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