20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Early morning arrival

Bridge to Island

Castle through the islands

Rickety bridge


Scary walkways

Outer courtyard

Main Castle

Sun's come out





Low sun

Last one

Doh, just got up for the early train to Trakai, hurried myself along to get to the station on time and... you guessed it, the clocks went back an hour here too last night - 1 hour early. Still at least I got to wake the receptionist up and come back for a shower and another coffee before I go.

Lonely Planet described Trakai as the perfect day trip, I wouldn't quite go that far but it certainly did make for a nice day out and the views of the lakes and castle are stunning. It was just a shame that I took so many photographs of the place in the morning when it was cloudy and then the sun came out and I had to run around to take them all again.

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