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After a great night of sleep, a shower, and fresh clothing, we were off to have breakfast at the “Big Horn” restaurant.

Everyone enjoyed a good breakfast and we were all feeling fine and ready to go.

We drove into Rocky Mountain National Park, and took the road to Bear Lake. Because of road construction we only drove as far as the parking area for the Bear Lake Shuttle Bus.

We took the bus up to Bear Lake, then walked to where we had a good view of that lake. We took a few pictures and then began the uphill hike to Nymph Lake. We made a few stops along the way to catch our breath and once we reached the Lake it was cause for more picture taking.

Marian and Marilyn continued their walk a bit farther around the lake but Mike and I found a nice log bench to sit on.

We talked about life and getting old while we waited for the ladies to return.

Soon, they came down the trail, chatting away as they walked.

It was much easier to walk downhill and didn’t take long for us to reach the bus stop for the ride back to the car.

The drive back into Estes Park took longer than normal due to the traffic being stopped for construction several times.

We also stopped at Elk Meadows RV Park so that Mike & Marian could check it out for possible future travel plans.

We then drove into the downtown area, found a parking space, and walked to “Lonigan’s” which is an Irish Bar & Grill.

All four of us had a tall glass of Guiness, along with our food order. The Guiness, with the creamy foam on top, reminded Mike & Marian of their trip to Ireland, and reminded us of our nephew, John.

After the tasty lunch, we noticed that the rain had started again, so we hurried back to the car.

Mike drove us through Big Thompson Canyon in the pouring rain and then we headed home on Interstate 25.

Traffic in Denver slowed us a bit but we were home around 4:00.

We had made good time even with the stop to pick up Trey, Mike & Marian’s dog, from the Kennel where he had spend a couple of nights while his owners were away.

So now, after a fine two day road trip, we are home and looking forward to having a couple of quiet days.

Life is Good!

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