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No idea


Cathedral Square

Geronimo (or something like that) Tower



Autumn stream



Three Crosses Hill

Three Crosses

Another belfrey

North Tower



Setting Sun


Free Air-show

Almost down

Another revisit to a city I've been to before. Vilnius is probably the least regarded of the three Baltic capitals but is probably the nicest of them. For some reason it's (fortunately) missed out on the EasyRyan-Stag-weekend-scene. Vilnius is very much a city full of churches so I'm doing my best to avoid photographing any of them. I'm here mainly to get my visa for Belarus and have got a four day stay so I'm trying to spend my time finding the quirkier and non tourist sides of the city. I did spend a couple of hours in the Museum of Genocide victims and the KGB prison today and I have to say it was grim, not on the scale of S-21 or Auchwitz but still grim. I guess the shocking things were the size of the prison and the fact that it was still open until 1991 when the Russians left.

I got my passport back today (Friday) so I'm now set to go to one of the last refuges of Old Soviet europe. As soon as I got it I booked the train to Minsk, I thought she'd typed 214Lt on her calculator so used my credit card, must have missed a decimal point as it was actually 21.4Lt (about 4GBP).

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