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The Road Trip adventure began at 5:00 AM but we had all been up since around 3:30. That sounds a lot like the beginning of a very long day.

Add to this, the fact that it began raining about the time we left Mountaindale, and it rained off and on for most of the day.

Mike drove to Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, and then I drove so that Mike could look at the awesome scenery.

In Estes Park our first stop was for breakfast at our favorite breakfast place.

When breakfast was over we entered the Rocky Mountain National Park, using our “Geezer Card” to gain entrance at no cost to any of us.

We drove the One Way, Narrow, Gravel, 9 mile long, Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor’s Center and then drove back to Estes Park on the paved, Trail Ridge Road.

By the time we reached our Motel, Deer Crest, we had seen chipmunks, elk, marmots, and lots of clouds.

There were many pictures taken by the group and I’ll share some of them with you dear readers.

It has been a long day so I will make this short tonight and post pictures to show you some of the scenery. I only wish you could also hear the sound of the rushing water from the waterfalls, the streams, and the river.

All I can say when I look at the pictures, is that I feel blessed and Life is Good!

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