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Christmas star, Florida version

appropriate for RV size

if we had stayed home

The other day we had an argument about how many days there were before Christmas. The only reason I won is that Ken bought me an Advent calendar and I've been opening the little flaps daily to retrieve a tiny piece of candy, just the right size for someone allergic to chocolate. As retirees we often lose track of time, because every day is the same and that's only more so in these days of COVID. This Christmas may not have the time spent with family, tree filled with ornaments from our travels, unrestrained light display outside, candles, carved wooden manager from the land of my forebears, cookies, etc., but it will be a Christmas we never forget for the lack of all those things. Most importantly, we are still here and so are the family members we can only love from afar.

Florida did come through with Christmasy weather. Although we were wearing shorts yesterday, we woke up to a very windy 39º, thirty degrees warmer than it is at home. One of the things we hate about this time of year at home is the gray dark days. We were surprised to read that we are getting 1-½ more hours of daylight here than we would at home. No seasonal affective disorder here.

Although there is no tree here to put presents under we must have been good, because Santa has stopped by. We got ourselves a new TV for the motor home, much higher quality than the one we had. The old one moved inside to replace the one in the executive suite on our lot, which was definitely from back in the day just like everything else in that tiny house. Although the refrigerator in the suite was still working, we wondered how much longer that would be the case and began shopping for a replacement. The frig sits snugly in a tiny space and we were amazed to find a perfect one that was delivered the next day. The clerk said that most of the bigger models we saw on the floor would not be available for 4 - 6 weeks because frig manufacturers are madly making cooling units to house all the vaccine currently being distributed world-wide. I I love to sit outside and read in the normally balmy weather here and my iPad battery was no longer up to the task. Santa brought a new one of those too, and I was amazed how it seamlessly sucked all the files, apps, etc. from the old one to the new one. I'll try to keep an eye on its calendar so we know when it's time to celebrate what has to be a better new year.

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