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Our first siting of Noor a female tiger

Showing interest in deer ahead

On the prowl

Heading out

Sniffing the scent

Heading straight for us

Heading back out

The shot


They third time lucky and let’s hope that it is. And even earlier start this time with tea served to our tents at 05:20 and porridge served on the way to our Jeep, which just happened to be 15 minutes late, (india time). The early birds catches the worm, so this does not bode well.

Today we have been selected zone six on the insistence of the camp manager who had witnessed our state returning last night some eight hours earlier. As we headed into the park we were following a bus load of tourists, but our driver shouted at them to get out of the way and they duels oblidged.

Within five minutes tiger tracks a female and two cubs had passed earlier in the morning. Despite trying to locate these animals we finally headed on down to the river. After having driven up the river for ten minutes we stopped as the monkeys were giving out their alarm calls that a Tiger was approaching. How exciting it was going to happen. But our faith was dashed as they settled down and threw their leftovers at us.

A deer alarm call went up, something like a deep grunt, and the chase was on back about a kilometre.

Then, yes then there the Tiger was about 200 meters from our Jeep walking over to inspect a nearby waterhole.

The large deer which Ithought would have fled, goaded the sixteen year old female tiger named Noor into “ come over here, if you think your quick enough”. The tigeress looked interested by showed her distinctive by going around and marking her territory with scent. She then laid Ed down for her photo shoot, got bored and walked on, by this time the other six jeeps were driving to provide the best view. And you guessed it our driver put us in the path of a tigeress hungry for breakfast. She sauntered up to our vehicle turned in front and walked by.

My camera or should I say my sons camera was reeling off photos, Alison caputured some wonderful video footage of tiger’s walk, hopefully attached as the network here is terrible.


Feeling estastic as we returned to camp for breakfast and our departure to Jaipur some four hours drive away.

Mr Singh was awoken from his sleep in our vehicle and so we departed the National Park, having more than achieved our dreams and captured memories that will last forever.

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