Croatia and Greece Fall 2019 travel blog

A small fortress guards the harbor

Lois makes friends with a stray cat

The theater which is still being used for concerts during the summertime

The foundations of a temple and patient dorms

Stadium for viewing running races - distance one stadia (192 meters)

We are going up to the top of the castle by bus,...

Our ship is on the far left

Proof we were at the top

Lois on the stairs going down

Looking at where we have been

John writing now

Today the weather was perfect, 60 – 70 degrees with bright sunshine and no wind. We boarded our bus at 8:30 AM for the 30 minute drive to Epidavros to see a large ancient theater, and the first place where organized “health care” took place. Basically you came here, slept in a dorm, and waited for the gods to tell you in a dream how to be cured. There were no statistics on the cure rate.

The restored theater seated 15,000 people, and the acoustics are still incredible. In the rest of the complex, all that is left are foundations for the various buildings, and a stadium for holding foot races. As is often the case, there was a large assortment of stray dogs and cats, and at this site they were all exceptionally friendly, including the cats. A cat even jumped into the lap of one member of our group, when she sat down for a rest. As soon as I got off the bus, a large (60 lb.) hound dog came over to me, and when I started to pet him, he leaned into me – the dog equivalent of a hug.

When we returned to town, our bus dropped Lois and me at the entrance to a large castle that sits on top of a cliff overlooking the town. We got great views of Nafplion as we walked down the 850 steps back into town and to the port. Shortly after we boarded the boat, it set sail for Athens – the end of our trip.

The food on this cruise has been some of this best we have ever had, but we don’t care much for this ship. The public areas are too small for the number of passengers. We also don’t like being in this large a group – 31 people. However, given the seas we have experienced, we would not have wanted to be on a smaller ship.

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