South by Southeast late 2018 - early 2019 travel blog

We and our luggage made it through all three flights. The man we hired to pick us up who lives at The Great Outdoors was waiting for us as arranged. It was nice to have him do the driving, even though it took less than an hour and we could have done it ourselves with a rental car. It's nice not to have much jet lag to overcome. Since the recent change to Daylight Savings Time, we are only an hour west of Montevideo. A good night's sleep laying flat rather than in a pretzel position, should have us back on an even keel. The motor home is in great shape. Everything works as we expected and no creepy crawlies invaded while we were gone.

It was a great trip. We are glad we went and that we packed properly and were able to do everything the trip offered, unlike some of our less fit colleagues. The agent who signed us up for this tour about nine months ago, reacted rather negatively to our birth dates and made me worry unnecessarily. Maybe he was just trying to sell us trip cancellation/evacuation insurance. Glad we didn't need it.

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