Dunnett and Daggs Amazing Adventures 2018 travel blog

After the doubt of yesterday due to he inclement weather and snow, today dawned a little overcast but the rain from yesterday seemed to have dissipated somewhat different the roads were opened.

We dined for breakfast in the Hotel and won’t bother tomorrow as it was average to say the least.. the tour company picked us up at 10.00 am and we headed off shortly after. There were several stops along the way including Mirror Lakes, Knob Flat and a couple of photo ops. The sky continued to be overcast but patchy in cloud cover at times. Our bus has a glass ceiling and the seats were on an angle towards the windows rather than perpendicular to the window. Made for much better viewing. There were smatterings of snow dusting the mountains tops initially but as we ventured closer to MS it had had heavier dumps.

Just before the tunnel we managed to see a kea. He was last seen sitting on a tourists passenger side mirror. Keas have quite a rep for eating car parts particularly rubber ones!

We came out the tunnel to perfectly clear blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen. It remained that way until we returned through the tunnel. The sound was spectacular with a couple of waterfalls and just pretty scenery.

The trip home was straight through with no pit stops for toilets or photos. We got in around 6.00.

We returned to the Fat Duck for dinner and again were impressed with the meals. Highly recommended by us!

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