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Look at the size of this tree! Flags lined the streets of...

We found the Crook Coutny Farigrounds

And we found a Llama Show!! Never been to a LLama show...

I am sure there is a reason for the manicure haircut! Must...

And then we met Terri and Scortcher! 9 months old and so...

I think he was starting to like me!!! I loved him!!!!!

A zero day means we rode nowhere! Got the rest we needed, and strolled around Prineville to see what there was to offer. Quite a nice little town, we found the Museum which gave me insight into the logging history and beginning of this settlement. Then we found there was a Llama Show at the Fairgrounds so I convinced Mike to walk with me and it was really interesting! I have a real passion and fascination for Llamas and Alpacas. There is no real reason or memorable moment in my life that made me realize I love them, it is just there! My ultimate dream come true would be to have them wandering around in their own little paddock out my back door. I could pursue my love of knitting and spinning with their fleeces . . . Just one of those things! I don't know if it will ever come true or not but in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy their company when I do come across them! It must be an omen, an Alpaca farm yesterday and a Llama I could hold and pet today!! It was very exciting!

To stay another day or go? that is the question! We pondered the question, checked the weather, checked accommodations on the road ahead, rechecked the weather . . Did all this thinking and research while enjoying steak night at the Elks club in Prineville! We were there last night for drinks, so it was like having dinner with old friends tonight! We knew everyone there! Small town hospitality!!

We have another pass tomorrow, but we think we are going for it! We have spoken with a hostel owner, Mike, in the next town of Mitchell. On his advice we think we are going for it! We may risk a shower tomorrow, but if we leave on Monday the road works on the pass may cause more of a problem. So unless it is raining in the morning, we will set off! Ochoco Pass is the next pass and we will end up in Mitchell, Oregon at a Cyclists only hostel. It actually sounds lovely! Looking forward to it!

Did you get up to watch the Royal Wedding?? Me neither, but i do confess to binge watching the rerun this morning and it was fun. I do feel a loyalty to the royal family, after 20 years in New Zealand I have been thru a lot with them! This was all pretty exciting! What better way to start a relaxing morning than binge watching a royal wedding while munching on blueberry muffins and coffee! Works for us!

Good night everyone!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! thanks for checking in on us!!

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