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Red Bay, AL - RedBay RV Park, site 21

Red Bay, AL - RedBay RV Park, site 21, another view

Troy to Red Bay, AL - our route - 262 miles

Troy to Red Bay, AL 1 - very heavy traffic at 0730...

Troy to Red Bay, AL 2 - and the usual construction

Troy to Red Bay, AL 3 - even on an early Saturday...

Troy to Red Bay, AL 4 - still very heavy traffic -...

Troy to Red Bay, AL 5 - the big city of Birmingham

Our trip from Troy to Red Bay, AL was a 262 mile excursion starting out under a light rain that quickly faded to a fine mist that remained most the whole way, getting colder the further we went. Due to the weather and lack of anything photogenic along the interstate, just a few pictures were taken of the trip. We stopped about 50 miles from Red Bay and gave the Mothership a drink to the tune of almost 80 gallons of diesel at 2.979 per gallon. The journey through Birmingham on I-65 was nerve-racking as usual. That has got to be the worst section of road and traffic we travel on, including Atlanta! For some reason there was a lot of traffic between Montgomery and Birmingham as well. It was so bad it reminded us of coming home after a football game in Gainesville - wall-to-wall at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday!! We don't know if there was some event everyone was going to in Birmingham or what - you would think something caused that much traffic that early on a Saturday and it's not a normal traffic pattern?

When we got to the service center, the campground was full, as we expected, but we did check in with our list of repairs (one item) and then found one of the few sites available at one of the four satellite RV parks in town. Then it was just a matter of waiting until they called us into a bay for repairs. With 140 coaches in town doing the same thing we hoped it wouldn't be too long. On Sunday afternoon we took the Mothership out of town a ways to get her semi-annual bath and wax - boy did she look good when we left!

Tuesday, we got woke up by a phone call just a little after 7:00 a.m. from Tiffin wanting us in bay 40 as soon as we could get there. Apparently the coach that was supposed to go into that bay was busy at another appointment so we got their place. Believe it or not we got up, got dressed, took our morning medicine, got a short bite of breakfast, got the coach ready for travel and drove in bay 40 by 7:35!! By 10:30 she was fixed, we had paid the bill and were on the way back to the campground.

We were going to leave on Wednesday morning but after seeing the forecast for bad storms coming across Arkansas on Friday (which was our next planned travel day) we decided to delay it a day so we would be hunkered down in another campground near Memphis on Thursday and Friday before going on across a good bit of Arkansas on Saturday.

We just relaxed today (Wednesday) and did a few things around the coach in preparation for or trip tomorrow. We will be staying at the Tom Sawyer RV Park right across the Mississippi River from Memphis for Thursday and Friday nights. We have a spot reserved on the shore of the river where we can watch the barges go by.

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