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Today it has been cold, wet and windy all day because of a cold front that blew in overnight. I’m never ready for winter! I’ve kept my two electric space heaters going so I can stay warm. I’ve set the thermostat for my furnace to 60 degrees; if the temperature drops below that, it will kick in.

One of the volunteers came around to everyone’s rig to test and replace batteries in our CO2 and smoke detectors. That was an unexpected treat for me. I didn’t remember that this was one of our many services.

Today our dining room was decorated for Veteran’s Day and we had a special recognition for all our residents and adult day care (ADC) people who have served in the military. One of the ADC men is a veteran of World War II. There was a US flag cake – actually frosted cupcakes pressed close together to look like a cake.

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