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As soon as I could get a signal I received a text from my sister with a picture of my mom sitting up in bed and smiling. After 3 bags of fluid and a massive dose of antibiotics she is better, and able to go home. She has no memory of how sick she was or the trip to the ER yesterday. So now what? It did not appear to be critical that we get there immediately so we decided to go with plan B and spend some time with friends, Bud and Lori, in Kentucky. Which was good because the campground we were going to be at did not have space for us until the next weekend. And this way we can be there when my sis goes in for a hip replacement.

Obviously Bud and Lori were not expecting us, since we had planned their visit for a couple of weeks later, but they welcomed us with open arms and a steak dinner. And we put the comforter back on the bed!

Distance: 214 miles

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