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Lunch Stop

A different road user



Interest in a car

A ‘Rong House’ (Meeting House)

Maintenance as always


Safely in the car park

Cooking our dinner

Our first day of proper driving. We were escorted from Hoi An and soon had to stop when the escort car at the front stopped. However, the escort was only temporary and soon disappeared.

It took a while to clear the outskirts of Hoi An but we were then in the countryside and enjoying seeing people go about their lives - usually on a scooter. Swallows were swooping over the paddy fields. Animals were everywhere. New driving skills were necessary! Coffee was in a cafe with small plastic chairs which seem to be the norm.

At the end of the morning Robin’s eyes became very tired - perhaps some dust - so I took over the driving. Luckily we had some fluid to wash his eyes with and they were soon better but I drove for the rest of the day. We were now in the hills and I enjoyed the bends - not hairpins yet! We were very close to the border with Laos (less than four km at the nearest point) and the scenery and buildings were reminiscent of our 2005 drive throws Laos on the way to Sydney.

We had a packed lunch provided and we stopped to eat it beside a river with a small suspension bridge - just wide enough for scooters to cross. There were banana plants and it really felt different from home. People stopped to talk and look at the cars.

We diverted on the way to our hotel in Kon Tum to see two ‘rong’ houses -see photo. They were absolutely beautiful. They are local meeting houses. The natural materials, the unusual shape and the quality of the craftsmanship were astonishing.

Dinner was not in the Indochine Hotel where the facilities were not adequate, but in a covered courtyard nearby and was cooked specially for us. Warm clothes required. Unusual food but good.

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