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Monday : It's 12:30 we are out of the hotel and sitting at LAX. Quantas does no check ins till 6:00pm. We have 5 hours before we can get rid of our luggage and go through security. We can not leave the area without boarding passes. This is the international terminal so you can hear several langueses spoken at any time. We ate a late breakfast .I had a small cranberry juice, 2 eggs, And a slice of wheat toast no butter. $16 Hubby had a full breakfast $24 so with tip $46. My slenterization program will work while we vacation because we will not be able to afford food.

The man at the end of our chair row has on flamingo socks. Dick thinks he should make an offer and buy them for me. At the moment he is sound asleep with his jacket pulled over his head, leaning it on an ATM machine.We refer to this as full hibernation mode.

Across the way a young Frenchman is flirting with an attractive girl from Portugal at the computer bar. I know she is from Potugal because her mother calls every 1/2 hour and she keeps telling her she is not in Portugal yet but still in America. I have put 3 miles in walking around the terminal.

We can finally check in. Luggage is gone and we are on to the next phase security. Sitting at the gate and only 8 hours has passed. Flight delayed 1 hour. Finally boarding , we are on the upper deck of a double decker plane. The seats are so tight the movie screen on the seat in front of me is about 10"" from my face. The woman in the set next to me is from Cleveland,OH has a back pack, carry on, and multiple plastic bags with lunch items in various forms of eateness. All items are packed around her feet.

We are ready for take off.....it has been a long day.

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