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In this huge multi layered coffin lays the body of Napoleon.

It is located in a portion of the National Army Museum in...

They spared no expense laying the short guy to rest.

The war museum is massive, housing over half million artifacts.

Although most things are hundreds of years old they have some more...

We took these photos for Jared. We think he was a Knight...

This one must have packed quite a punch!

This was our favorite shield.

Today we are off to visit Napoleon Bonaparte and the National Army Museum of France. As with most of these place we planned a few hours and could have spent two days. I included only a few of the hundred photos we took. It is amazing the variety and amount of places to visit in Paris. We planned seven days here and could easily have spent a month. Now that we have the metro and trains figured out it is easy to get around but, still a lot of walking on hard surfaces. Our next update should give you something to think about.

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