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Greek Temples At Paestum

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Coastline At Diamante

Diamanté Wall Painting

Church At Diamante

Well that was an interesting start to the day! We were out early to look for a nearby geocache only to find that we were parked up only a couple of hundred yards from an historic Greek city site. We hadn't seen it when we arrived as it had been too dark. We saw three temples, one of which was almost complete. They & the city had been built about 500BC when the Greeks settled in this part of Italy. There wasn't much to see of the houses & other buildings apart from a couple of feet of the walls but you could make out the streets & there were a couple of small amphitheatres sunk in TE ground. The largest temple was the most impressive & as good as any that we saw in Athens & very imposing.

So we made a later start than planned but we were only planning on a softish trip down the coast again today. Paestum is virtually on the coast so we stayed on the coast road for a while before turning inland to cut across the wide promontory. No major towns on the way today but the roads were again very tortuous as they wound up & down around the coastal mountains. No major panics or problems today just constant concentration & heavy rain showers.

This coast area looks to be a major summer holiday area with lots of camp sites scattered along the coast road. However very few are open at this time of the year but we found one open in Diamanté right beside the beach. It was supposed to have toilets, showers & wifi but there was no wifi & the toilets & shower block was pretty bleak & at the opposite end of the camp site.

We had a late sandwich lunch & then set off for a walk along the beach to the old town of Diamanté, about a mile away. It seemed a bit odd wandering around the narrow streets of a small town instead of another large city & we only found a small little church tucked away in a back street instead of a massive cathedral. A lot of the houses had nice wall paintings on them & not graffiti like in Naples.

We were lucky enough to get back to Elsie before the rain started again & this time it really came down accompanied by thunder & lightning, a good old storm.

Mileage today - 109

Total Mileage to date - 1,972

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