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We're easing our way back home very, very slowly. Although we only came about 100 miles, we drove up 2,000 feet and that made all the difference. July temperatures and cactus are left behind and pine trees and cottonwoods dominate the 20º cooler scenery. We've been to the Sedona area a number of times on day trips, but never had time to fully investigate the great scenery and history around here. A week stay should remedy that.

We've left the spacious campsites of a state park and are close to neighbors in a private campground once again. We've traded space and great views for water, electric and sewer hook ups. The washing machine is going great guns. I'm enjoying taking a leisurely shower rather than a two minute navy version. We thought we got a good deal staying a week for $120, but our neighbors have been here since last May paying $350/month. The price is right, but we don't think there is enough to do to keep us here that long. And in January and February it can snow at this elevation. If we wanted to be in snow, we could just stay home!

We went to the Sedona visitor center to pick up maps and brochures to plan the week here. Sedona is in scenic red rock country so a few photo safaris are on the agenda for sure. There are many fancy resorts with nice stores and restaurants in the area. Unique shopping opportunities abound. We stopped in picturesque Tlaquepaque, a recreated Mexican town that is an open air shopping mall with plazas, squares, fountains, flowers blooming. There we came upon a jazz group performing, part of the jazz festival that is taking place this weekend all over town. The atmosphere of the place enhanced the music and we lingered to enjoy the free concert.

Sedona has a real quirky side. Even the visitor center volunteer whose name tag said he was from Nebraska, talked to us about special locations that are vortexes where we can feel energy. There are lots of places to get your palm read or psychic readings. A local tourist paper offers the following opportunities this week:

• Circle of Stone meeting - What do our Native American medicine wheels teach us and how can we use this wisdom to better lives and help us reach our higher potential? Can we use these tools to rediscover sacred space, connections and balance in our lives?

• Medication and Artistic process - This class helps your meditation practice by receiving guidance from your higher self. Drawing with markers or color pencils at the end of meditation plus a discuss on personal imagery.

• Collaborative healing - Find out weekly focus for life particle healing from aquamarine crystals, magnets, sounds of the organs native drumming or other.

• Spring Equinox - Focus on creating balance in all aspects of our lives and manifesting.

• A Course in Miracles - This ongoing discussion group is facilitated by XXX. No charge, but donations gratefully accepted.

• Just One look Can Change Everything - XXX will show us a simple act of the mind that has already transformed the experience of life for thousands of people.

• Community Silent Meditation - Experienced meditators are invited to a community silent meditation period. Participants must have prior meditation experience to join the 45 minute self directed silent mediation as there will be no guidance or instruction.

• Beginners' Astrology Class - Teacher writes spiritual blogs weekly for Sedona's Red Rock News.

• Healing Gong Meditation

• Sedona Wisdom Keepers Message - Many Sedona Masters are the Wisdom Keepers that have messages to share. Each week we will be hosting them as they come and share their higher consciousness with us.

It's going to be a busy week!

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