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Last swim in Ormiston Gorge

Alex giving me a piggy back


Our set up at Kings Canyon Resort

Kings Canyon Sunset that we just about missed

Day 19 of our relaxation – Monday 15 April 2013

Ormiston Gorge to Kings Canyon Resort

Today we woke up to a nice swim at the freezing water hole. We have been very lucky as the 4 times we have been in the water hole we have had it all to ourselves. After a very wakening swim we packed up and then headed for the road.

Soon we stopped at Glenn Helen Resort to pick up some petrol. We also walked to the waterhole but I got a piggy back all the way there from Alex. When we got there, we quickly realised that nothing can beat the waterhole at Ormiston Gorge. Unfortunately I had to walk the way back then we kept on driving.

We are traveling on the Mereenie loop. This is a short cut between Ormiston Gorge and Kings Canyon. We suspected that this was going to be our last dirt road for the rest of our holiday.

Quite soon, about 230kms, we reached our destination - Kings Canyon Resort. Don’t think we are going fancy - this place is definitely not what you think of as a resort, but they do have a speedy cleaner who toke 1min to clean the big bathroom!

We set up, then had a look at the park and we saw our friends we met on the trip. We had a delicious lunch, the flies were not too bad here so we all were very excited that we could have a leisurely lunch eating outside.

We had a relaxing afternoon and then met the Atkins as they are staying here for a night using a hire car while they are waiting for their car to be fixed. We had a refreshing swim in the pool then got ready to see the sunset. Unfortunately knowing us, we were running up to the sunset viewing platform watching everybody moving away. We missed it, but we will still have tomorrow. We had dinner and then the Atkins came over for a chat. They spent the night talking but I went to bed exhausted ready for the early day tomorrow.

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