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aerial view of fountain

The hotel/resorts on the the Strip in Las Vegas are designed to be so large and all inclusive, that once you there, you will never want to leave. You will leave you money there one way or the other, gambling, eating, watching a show, shopping, at the pool, playing golf. You can do most of those things at the small casino where we are camped as well. We are trying to hit the high points and appreciate what each facility has without getting trapped in its web.

We returned to the Bellagio where we enjoyed the fountain light show last night, to see the spring flower tableau in the conservatory. The flowers were planted to artfully, each color complementing the one next to it. A windmill and huge wooden shoes gave the impression of Holland and the smell of hyacinths and other blooming flowers made us think that spring was close at hand. A little green house contained hatching butterflies.

Then we went across the Strip to Paris and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower so we could enjoy the views from above. While we were there the Bellagio fountains came on and we saw the show in daylight as well. Many of the casinos hotels are faced with colored glass and their reflections highlighted against the mountains that surround Las Vegas were breath taking.

Then we went to Excalibur, a lower end more family oriented hotel, which gave us great views of New York, New York and the bright green MGM Grand fronted by their famous lion symbol across the strew. We did a lot of people watching as well. In many ways, being here is a lot like being on a cruise. People are in such a good mood, eating well, seeing new sights, and just plain having fun. A performance of a Bee Gees tribue band, playing many favorite songs from our younger days put us in a good mood as well.

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