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Here is a shot of the stage. Big jail is made of...

Closeup of jail

Center pieces

Another view of center pieces

Stole some pictures from my friend, Larry Forbes website.

It started out as a busy week. We had to get all the stuff ready for La Fiesta. I had finally got some more Popsicle sticks so I finished all the jails on Monday.

Tuesday we had a bunch of people over and our friend, George, designed and made some cactus. The ladies double checked the jails and repaired some. They also lettered little signs that said, "Escapees on the Loose".

Then Tuesday night we had a progressive dinner. Two other people and I served appetizers at the neighbor's house two doors up. Then we went around the corner for a great salad bar. Then across the road and thru the gate for lasagna dinner. The last house was back thru the gate for three kinds of cake with two kinds of ice cream. We had 24 people so had to be in the larger houses. I would like to do it with a few less and some of the smaller houses, too. It was a lot of fun and really good food.

The only problem was Ron was really tired - more about that later.

Wednesday, we went to Wickenburg for chiropractor appointments and a few errands. Ron still tired so we sat in our big chairs and rested a bit.

Thursday we went to the Activities Center to decorate. Ron got really tired loading some of the decor items in the pickup. He was able to sit at the table and do some stuff for the set up, but then when we got home didn't want to move out of his chair.

I went up to the garden and got some cholla cactus to put in the cactus gardens. I stopped by Denny and Susie's house to ask them to help me get sand for the gardens as I thought Ron was too tired. Susie is a retired RN and said she thought I should get Ron to the ER.

So that is what I did. We ended up in the same ER room as when he hurt his back a year ago. (Not a good omen as I missed La Fiesta last year because of that.) The ER Dr. determined that he was in congestive heart failure and that his lungs were filling up with fluid. They gave him two shots of "pee" medicine and boy, did that work. The second blood test showed that his counts were still going up and they decided that he should be transferred to Good Sam down in Phoenix. That was at 7 pm.

It took until after 11 for Good Sam to have a bed and the ambulance to get to Wickenburg to transport him. It was decided I would go home and get stuff finished for La Fiesta and then go to Phoenix the next morning. So that is what I did.

The best part of living here is our friends. Before they even made the decision to send him to Good Sam, I had 3 people there for me from our church, including our Pastor and his wife. Kaye, our friend and a Stephen Minister, was there for us too.

Friday, as I packed for Phoenix, people took over the La Fiesta decorations and went with it. I had multiple offers to take me to Good Sam, but I needed my car to get around. By 10 I was on the road to the hospital with my bags packed to last a week in Phoenix.

Ron was in a cardiac semi ICU with great nurses. They took great care of him and explained what was going on all the time. They had kept Ron with no food in case any kind of surgery or invasive tests had to happen, but the nurses read the tests and knew he was OK so were proactive to get him food. They even brought him a turkey sandwich after the Dr. took him off the food restriction.

One tray came at 4 and an identical one at 6:30. Ron was so hungry he ate both. Before dark I went to find a motel. I forgot it was NASCAR weekend in Phoenix. The usual motel down the street (that gives a discount) was full. I got in the car and turned the Navigation program to search and found another motel. They had one room left and it was expensive - but I didn't want to drive home, and I couldn't sleep in my car - so I took it. I had a great room and slept like a rock until 6 am.

Ron hardly got any sleep in the hospital as the guy in the bed next to him was not "with it" and tried to get out of bed all night. Since he couldn't walk (probably weighed about 400) alarms were going off all night and people running in to get him back in bed.

By the time I got there at 7:30 they were both sawing logs in a great duet. So I just sat down and read my Kindle until they woke up.

Saturday was a waiting day. Ron's counts were getting better and we hoped to go home. Just before lunch the Internal Medicine Dr. came in and said that one of the kidney blood test wasn't good so he wanted another one at 1 pm. Right after that the Cardio Dr. came in and said his heart tests were good and we could go home. It wasn't until about 5 that all the tests and Drs. agreed and the paper work was done and we walked out. They decided the kidney counts were because of the meds to get rid of the fluid.

The road home was great except for a bit of road construction that I had to find away around. But the navigation systems worked and we were soon headed NW on US 60 and home. We stopped at Subway and picked up some dinner as there was nothing laid out at home.

We hit the hay at 9 with lights out a few minutes later and slept like logs.

We are so grateful to our friends here at North Ranch and the congregation at Yarnell Presby Church. They have been wonderful. Great support and wonderful prayers. I think we picked the perfect place for us to settle. It was super great that my brother, Rod, was able to come down and visit, too. He is still recovering from knee surgery and can't drive a lot - so this was closer than coming out to see us at NR.

So that is how our week has gone. Hope all is good with you and yours. See you next week. ENJOY!!

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