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Actual photo - 4 years after the battle with grave sites marked

The markers on the same hill showing where all the soldiers (and...

The view looking down the hill towards the indian camp

Wyoming roads - boring!

I left Deer Lodge Montana this morning and headed east and south as I90 drops down into Wyoming and continues across country towards Chicago. I made good time as the highway is generally good with the exception of bridges! Why can't an engineer somewhere figure out how to transition from pavement to cement bridges and back again without having dips and holes leading on and off the bridges? The trailer bounces pretty good (and so do I in the truck) when crossing many of them and I noticed the same thing when I was riding the bike through here! Anyway, I decided to stop and see Custer's last stand again because it is right next to the freeway and I find it very interesting. The custodians have done a great job of preserving and showing how the whole battle took place. (Indians 1, U.S. Cavalry 0). Unfortunately for the Indians, it was the last battle they managed to win. I'm in Sheridan, Wyoming tonight at a WalMart which just happened to be 1 exit away from the Information Center I stopped at, so what the heck? Free is good. Tomorrow I'll head into the Black Hills of South Dakota and may do some more sightseeing there. Cheers.

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