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Spirit House of the last Eklutna chief

Another spirit house, female this time

Spirit Houses, Eklutna cemetary

Old church from Russia

New church

Hi, Gang,

I'm playing catch up here so this will be short. NO, you didn't miss anything...I'm post dating this to try to fill in the gaps. We DID Anchorage in one day. We stopped in Eklutna on the way to it. This is a tiny Athabaskan Eklutna community of Native People. We really just went to the Russian Orthodox church. The original was brought over from Russia in the 50's and rebuilt here It's a small log structure. Next to it was the "new" church build in the 70's. The church is actually in use but the most amazing part for me were the "Spirit Houses" that the parishioners build over the graves of their loved ones. This is done 40 days after death and decorated with items that signify the person. I've included a couple of pictures of these.

Anchorage is just a city. We did go to the Ulu Factory outlet, where they make Ulu knives. These are replicas of the multipurpose knives used by native to clean animal hides, fish and chop up everything. We walked Colden along Ship's Creek a 2 mile waterway in the city. Sadly there were several homeless people there.

That was it for July 2nd.



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