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Lexington, VA - Lee Hi Campground, Site 44

Lexington, VA - Lee Hi Campground, Site 44, another view

Lexington, VA - Lee Hi Campground, another section of the campground

Lexington, VA - Lee Hi Campground, the truck stop behind us

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 0 - our route - 116 miles

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 1

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 2

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 3

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 4

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 5

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 6

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 7 - downtown Lexington

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 8

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 9

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 10

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 11

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 12 - Greek row at Washington and...

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 13

Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA 14

BRP 1 - all bridges and tunnels are stone like this

BRP 2 - a pretty neat trike



BRP 5 - some of the Great Valley



BRP 8 - the Rhododendrens are in bloom here


BRP 10

BRP 11

BRP 12

BRP 13 - part of the trail

BRP 14

BRP 15 - the James River

BRP 16

BRP 17

BRP 18

BRP 19 - Geese along the river

BRP 20

BRP 21 - a beautiful old Corvair in the parking lot when...

BRP 22

BRP 23

BRP 24

BRP 25

BRP 26

BRP 27

BRP 28

BRP 29

BRP 30

BRP 31 - a bear-proof pig pen

BRP 32

BRP 33

BRP 34

BRP 35 - a nice subdivision just off the parkway

BRP 36

BRP 37

BRP 38

BRP 39

BRP 40 - Rhododendren along the road

BRP 41 - mountain laurel

Virginia Safari Park 1

Virginia Safari Park 2

Virginia Safari Park 3

Virginia Safari Park 4

Virginia Safari Park 5

Virginia Safari Park 6

Virginia Safari Park 7

Virginia Safari Park 8

Virginia Safari Park 9

Virginia Safari Park 10

Virginia Safari Park 11

Virginia Safari Park 12

Virginia Safari Park 13

Virginia Safari Park 14

Virginia Safari Park 15

Virginia Safari Park 16

Virginia Safari Park 17

Virginia Safari Park 18

Virginia Safari Park 19

Virginia Safari Park 20

Virginia Safari Park 21

Virginia Safari Park 22

Virginia Safari Park 23

Virginia Safari Park 24

Virginia Safari Park 25

Virginia Safari Park 26

Virginia Safari Park 27

Foamhenge 1

Foamhenge 2

Foamhenge 3

Foamhenge 4

Natural Bridge 1

Natural Bridge 2

Natural Bridge 3

Natural Bridge 4

Natural Bridge 5

Natural Bridge 6

Natural Bridge 7

Natural Bridge 8

Natural Bridge 9

Natural Bridge 10

Natural Bridge 11

Natural Bridge 12

Natural Bridge 13

Natural Bridge 14

Natural Bridge 15

Natural Bridge 16

Natural Bridge 17

Appomattox 1 - the Blue Ridge Mountains are between us and Appomattox

Appomattox 2 - lots of twisty-turny, round and round

Appomattox 3

Appomattox 4 - the Appomattox Courthouse

Appomattox 5 - the McLean House where the surrender was signed.

Appomattox 6 - the well in front of the McLean home

Appomattox 7 - the kitchen for the McLean house

Appomattox 8 - the slave quarters

Appomattox 9 - the McLean place, kitchen on left and ice house...

Appomattox 10 - the General Store

Appomattox 11 - the Isbell house being refurbished

Appomattox 12 - the Woodson Law Office

Appomattox 13 - the old Tavern Guesthouse

Appomattox 14 - the Clover Hill Tavern

Appomattox 15 - another view of the Courthouse

Appomattox 16 - the county Jail (constructed two years after the surrender)

Appomattox 17 - the trail up to the top of the hill...

Appomattox 18

Appomattox 19

Appomattox 20

Appomattox 21

Appomattox 22

Appomattox 23 - this is the same Custer of Custer's Last Stand...

Appomattox 24 - one of the cannons in the park

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Part of the Great Valley with Cicadas singing in background

Our trip from Ft. Chiswell to Lexington, VA was 116 miles of easy driving up I-81. There were hills and vales but nothing significant, though the truck traffic was really heavy. We are staying at the Lee Hi Campground which is behind the Lee Hi Travel Center, a Travel America truck stop. It is a pretty nice campground with full hookups, good Verizon and an easy shot to the satellite. They do have nicer sites than ours but they are up in the trees and since we were not going to be here much, satellite access was more important than shade and a larger site.

Saturday we were up and out pretty early to see the rest of the Blue Ridge Parkway as we had a little over 120 miles of it left. We had to go back down through Roanoke on the way and we stopped at a Michael's so Doris could stock up on some craft stuff she needed. The BRP started off as just a drive through the woods but about 20 miles later we finally climbed to the top of the ridge and started seeing some great scenery. At many points we had magnificent views of the Great Valley. We made several stops and hiked a couple of trails, one of them through an area heavy with blooming Rhododendrons which were just gorgeous! We finally finished the parkway about 5:00 p.m. and we headed home pretty well exhausted.

Sunday we were at it early again. What's the saying? Make hay while the sun shines! That's the way we have felt with all the rain we have had. If the sun is shining, we hit the road trying to see what we can before it starts raining. Our first stop was the Virginia Safari Park where we drove through the park and Doris got to feed four canisters of food to the wild (well, maybe not so wild) animals. She did feed 3½ of the canisters to the animals - the other half was knocked into Libby by the animals!!! She found some of them were pretty aggressive! After driving through the park we stopped and viewed the zoo portion of the park and it was very well done, one of the best we have seen at taking care of the animals.

Next stop was Foamhenge - yeah, I said Foamhenge not Stonehenge. It is a place just as you enter Natural Bridge, VA where they have duplicated Stonehenge with huge blocks of foam. It was unique to say the least and reminded us of our visit to Carhenge a few years back in Nebraska.

After that we headed to Natural Bridge. Our stop there was pretty extensive as we hiked back to the falls (1.5 miles) as well as viewing the natural bridge. After walking the zoo, this was a bigger workout than we had anticipated but it was a nice walk along the Cedar Creek and the falls, while not spectacular, was still pretty. We also viewed a replica of an indian village along the way. We then viewed the Natural Bridge's Wax Museum and the Natural Bridge's Cavern as well. You get all of these on one ticket so you have to do it whether you are tired or not - waste not, want not!! We were not impressed with either the wax museum or the caverns.

Monday the sun was still shining so we headed for Appomattox Court House National Historic Park, about 70 miles from Lexington. It turned out to be a nice drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains and back with a lot of history in between. It was interesting to discover that Custer had won one of the last major battles for the North just before the Confederate surrender. This was eleven years before he met his end at Little Big Horn.

Today, Tuesday, we have just been relaxing and recovering from three full days (you're not supposed to be that busy when you're retired) of touring and getting ready to leave tomorrow. We will be heading farther North to Luray, VA for a full week there.

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