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Carpe Dien at Shelby, MT
We're staying at the Glacier Motel & RV...

Wide open I 15 between Great Falls & Shelby

Another I 15 scene north of Great Falls

Trains??? We've got trains...
We're across US 2 from a BNSF marshalling yard

These BNSF road locomotives are huge!
These tracks are very close to our...

We must be close to Bear Country...
They even have their own credit...

Sun, 06 May: OK wind, enough is enough! We spent all of yesterday in the Great Falls Sam's Club parking lot with both slides in. Pretty tight quarters. Now we're in Shelby, MT and it's more of the same. Begone already!

Despite our close quarters we slept well. An advantage of boondocking at Sam's Club vs. WalMart is that Sam's close around eight or nine. It was very quiet and we slept well and arose about 0630 of our own volition. We don't mind waking early as long as it's what we want to do and not the result of a *&%$@ alarm clock.

The winds had abated somewhat (relatively), and since we never disconnected the car and the slides were already retracted we were ready to go in a jiff. We rolled wheels at 0830 and headed north on I 15. The further north we went the stronger the winds. They were right on our nose but varied enough to keep us on our toes. About half way Sandi slowed to 50 mph and the coach handled better. We weren't in any particular rush so slowing down seemed sensible.

We arrived at the Shelby Pilot Truck Stop a few minutes after ten and found a vacant pump. Carpe took 70.189 gallons, our first fill since Willard (Ogden), Utah. After fueling we drove an additional eight-tenths of a mile to the Glacier Motel & RV, where we are currently parked.

Today's total was 83.0 miles consuming 12.7 gallons of diesel. That works out to a dismal 6.5 mpg, but given our 25-35 mph headwind not unexpected. Our tank-to-tank figure is a more respectable 9.38 mpg.

We'll be here in Shelby at least through Tuesday morning. We're expecting our mail at the local Post Office and, if all is OK, we'll cross into Canada Tuesday morning.

About all we need to do before crossing is top off our propane tank, and there is a Cenex station right across the street from where we're staying. Good deal. We'll also "hit" the local coin laundry tomorrow so we don't haul too many dirty duds into Canada (if it isn't against the law to do so, it should be!)

We've often written about the inexorable tie between RV parks and railroads. They always seem to be close to one another. Well, here in Shelby they've gone to a new level. We're right across from a major BNSF marshalling yard. That's where they make up the trains, so the din is pretty impressive. Earplugs tonite???

Mon, 07 May: We wanted to see this perigee full moon since it was overcast Saturday evening in Great Falls. Last evening was clear, but up here in the north (we're at 48½ north latitude) last evening's moonrise wasn't until well after ten. Way past our bedtime, so we missed it...

It was cold last nite/this morning, but we were plugged in and had the bedroom furnace set to low. Sandi was worried about the noise from the nearby tracks (and barking dogs in the adjacent neighborhood) so she stuffed some ear plugs in and slept very well. Bob toughed it out without ear plugs and said some of the trains were pretty noisy.

Our mail arrived at the Shelby Post Office as scheduled. We started three loads of laundry in the nearby coin laundry and picked up the mail somewhere between the wash and first rinse cycle. The folks at the PO couldn't have been nicer. Guess they've not been indoctrinated into "postal surly".

Chores done and our "before we go to Canada" checklist almost completed there is no reason not to head north tomorrow morning. We're preparing for our Internet deprivation by downloading and saving as much as we can think of before shutting down. We hope we'll have wireless at some of the Alberta, British Columbia, & Yukon Territory RV parks, but we're not counting on it.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we'll keep our Journal entries current on our computer and upload them (possibly several at once) when we're connected. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 83.0
Total miles since Casa Grande: 1,337.3

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