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After a very cold night in Tioga Pensylvania we arrived at Niagara falls just north of Buffalo in NY state to find out it had snowed there the night before. Never mind we were here for one thing and one thing only a big water fall!

We ventured to the falls the same afternoon spinning out that Canada was a few short steps away and very visible from the American side. The falls were a lot of fun. We went on the Maid of The Mist - a boat that takes you down to the base of the falls, needless to say we got tossed around on the boat and still managed to get DROWNED, even though we were wearing the provided ponchos for the journey. It was so much fun we laughed the whole time and the water fall was amazing to see from below.

A bit of fishing on lake Ontario, which is huge it holds 20% of the USA's fresh water (the fish are just as clever there - you guessed it no bites) and another very cold night later we were on the road again this time heading for NYC and hopefully WARM weather.

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