2011 Looking for a warm winter travel blog

Egret flying over the grass

close encounters with alligators

Wood Stork

Henry at the top of the tower - what a view!

The tower

This gator wasn't afraid of the tourists

Purple Gallinule


Great Blue Heron

Turtles enjoying the sunny day

Great Blue Heron

A baby alligator sunning on a rock

An immature Great Blue Heron

He flew right by the tram

Swamp Lilly

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron crossing the path

We had lunch at Joanies Blue Crab Cafe

End of another beautiful day

We went to Shark Valley in Everglades National Park to take the 2 hour tram tour. Our guide Patricia told us lots of interesting facts about the Everglades and stopped the tram when there was wildlife to see. There were lots of birds along the way and of course alligators. About halfway through the tour we stopped to walk up a tower for a panoramic view of the everglades. On the way back to the tram we had an alligator cross right in front of us on the path! Very exciting!

We decided to have lunch at a Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe. I had a wonderful crab cake sandwich.

We had a wonderful time in the Everglades.

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