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The day began with a 3:15am wake up call. The Kaiseri airport was over an hour away and some of our colleagues had international flights to catch from Istanbul. The loyal hotel staff had prepared a breakfast plate of cheese, cold cuts, bread, cucumbers, tomatoes and the ever present olives, but all we really needed was coffee. That was breakfast #1,

After dealing with O'Hare all our lives, the small airport was no challenge at all, although we had to go through security twice. It was fun to predict which one of us would get nailed for a more thorough bag check. After we boarded the plane we were shocked to discover that hardly anyone else was there - 38 passengers for a 150 seat plane. Today is the first day of a four day holiday that can loosely be compared to Thanksgiving and anyone who wanted to be with family had already flown. Businessmen try to be at home for this holiday as well. It took the flight attendants about five minutes to distribute breakfast #2. Imagine - a one hour flight came with a meal and a drink!

All day yesterday Fahti would sigh and look at the horizon, wishing that the nearby volcano which had created the unique geology that is Cappadocia would come out and give us a view. Ironically, the views we got of it thrusting up through the thick cover impressed the locals on our flight. They said they had never seen it so well. The views we got of Istanbul and all the ships waiting in the Bosphorus were wonderful as well.

After a final round of goodbyes to Fahti and our new travel friends, we went our separate ways. When we returned to the Istanbul hotel where we stayed when we first arrived, it was about 9am and our room was not ready. The ever hospitable staff offered us breakfast #3 while we waited. We retrieved the cruise wear filled suitcase that we stored with them, took a quick nap, and are ready for the next adventure. And we skipped lunch!

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