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I'm such a smart cookie. I set the alarm knowing that since I stayed up late packing, this way I could just wake up, roll into clothes, pick up my bag, and be out the door, I'd need some help waking up...well note to self: alarm clocks only work if you put the batteries in them. Yep. Missed the boat from Krabi to Phi Phi. Which meant I now have to take the city/local (?!) bus to Phuket in order to be there in time for my flight to Bali in the wee early morning hours. If I had originally know that I didn't have to take the boat and coulda taken the bus both ways for waaay cheaper, I totally woulda! Loved it. Every minute of it. Took about 4 hours? Maybe less. Then when they drop you off at the bus station there are tons of guys waiting like hawks for you to alight and hire them. I don't have enough money for them so I ask for directions around the nearby area and decide to kill some time just walking around. The last "cheap" bus to the airport isn't until 6:30pm so I have tons of time to play with as it was only noon when we arrived. The sweet lady at the bus station let me leave my bags in the office with her for 20 baht (80 cents?) and gave me a map and a general idea of where to go to see stuff, making sure I understood I needed to be back before 6:30 for the last bus to the airport. Gotcha.

Right off the bat I found a place that served Chai iced tea. I'm such an addict for this stuff now. While there a woman approached me asking if I wanted a Thai massage. Why the hell not. This is my last day in Thailand, better get it while I can. So I took my tea with me, and followed the woman up 2 flights of stairs to a tiny hot cramped room. There were three mats laid out side by side and she turned the a/c on and gave me some fishermans pants to change into. She decided the shirt wouldn't fit me (am I really the biggest person they have ever had to come visit?!) and just had me stay in my tank top. She didn't speak very good english so it was mostly just sign language and her trying to help me learn new Thai words. Oh my! hahahahaha looking back at it now, this massage was hysterical. Heck it was funny at the time too! The lady really liked my tattoo. Said it was sexy. Aw thanks. Then she liked my hair and the stick I had holding it up. Said my hair was 'beautiful'. It just kept getting more and more tattoo behind my ear was 'sexy', the shape of my face was 'beautiful', and on and on. Kinda awkward. Felt like maybe if I stayed much longer, or if I were a guy she would have offered me a 'happy ending'. Whew. Good massage but so glad to get outta there and all of the compliments. From there I walked around aimlessly for hours. Gosh my feet hurt by the end of the day!

Finally made it back to the bus station about an hour early. The taxi drivers/hawkers, all sit under this tree towards the back of the bus station, chain smoking and wearing these vests that pronounce them taxi drivers. Then when a new bus pulls in, they RUN to meet the bus and see what kind of business they can get. Seeing as how I wasn't in the market for them and they recognized that I didn't have money to be spending with them, they kinda left me alone at first. then when it was slow they drew closer and began asking me the random questions that I've gotten used to be asked by now...such as where are you from, where are you headed, how much was that tattoo on your back, and why was I traveling alone. I figured it was only fair that while they were interrogating me....they should entertain me, the tourist traveling alone, and play a game of checkers with me. Good sports. I played about 4 lousy games with a different partner each time, and gracefully lost each game. I'm no competition so I'm sure it wasn't that fun for them!

Got eaten alive yet again by the evil mosquitos. Finally caught that 6;30pm bus to thte airport. Hung out at airport all night, took a wipey shower/bath in the restrooms. Met some Americans on their way home to Portland. Great talkin to them, got a few pointers and tips for the rest of my trip. Introduced them to couchsurfing. Attempted to sleep, not successful.

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