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Lac de Sainte-Croix really is this color, formed by a dam

Tom and Janna paddleboating into the canyon at the top of Lac...

Janna in the paddleboat

Carmen in the front of the kayak

Kate and Carmen in the kayak

View up the canyon

View back down canyon toward the lake

Not everyone had a nice visit to the lake

Entering the canyon above the lake

Starting a hike

This canyon reminded us of Zion

Tom on a precipice


View down to the river

We made it down

View deeper into canyon

Janna really wanted to cross the river using this guide line but...

Full moon rise over the mountains

We started our second day in this area by visited the headwaters of Lac de Sainte-Croix and paddling upriver. Janna and Tom picked a paddleboat and Carmen and I selected a kayak. There was some wind coming down the canyon, but no current so we did alright heading upriver. It was beautiful and there were very few people...just dramatic cliff walls and stunning blue-green water. I could have stayed on the river in the canyon all day.

After our morning on the river, we drove into the canyon a short distance and set out on the hike recommended by our hotel host. The hike took us down toward the river, which took about 2 hours to reach with a number of sections that made my heart skip a beat. I wasn't worried about my footsteps, but my little bouncy Carmen was a bit sloppy with her foot placement. At several points we mandated that she had to hold a parent's hand, which was put to critical use more than once. After missing the main trail and finding ourselves on a narrow ledge clutching the rock face and each gripping a child's hand probably a bit too tight, we found our way down to the river. It was cool and lovely and the water ran by blue-green and swift. Janna really wanted to cross the river using the guideline strung from two trees. Tom could have done it and been about chest deep at the deepest, but decided against it (thankfully). The girls made really good time on the way back even though it was all uphill. Perhaps you can tell by the number of pictures I loaded how much I loved being in this area and on this hike. It really reminded Tom and I of Zion National Park in the US, which is one of our all time favorite places to go in the US. Even Moustiers reminded us of Springdale, the village at the entrance to Zion.

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