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Collecting shellfish at Cedeira: back-breaking work

Cedeira old town

Entrance to Cedeira estuary

Cedeira fishing harbour

Unloading the catch

Fish market - fresh off the boat

Would you buy this, let alone eat it?!

28 Sept: A very frustrating day for sailing as the wind kept dying away completely, but when we rounded the two main capes – Ortegal and Candelaria – we got sudden wind of over 20 knots and then it died away again. We think the wind was probably the sirocco from the Sahara because it was very hot. We anchored in Cedeira estuary late afternoon (26 nautical miles in just over 6 hours).

Next day we kayaked into Cedeira to do some sightseeing. It was low tide and there were lots of women bent double on the sands, harvesting shellfish of some kind. Everyone is really friendly in Galicia. There is a local dialect called ‘gallego’ which is a cross between Castilian Spanish and Portuguese which explains why some of the street signs and shop names looked Portuguese. We had a great day exploring the town, going to see the fresh fish catches unloaded and then immediately sold at the fish market and sampling the local beer. We even found a small hardware store where the old guy made us up an adapter for the electric cable – we somehow made ourselves understood in Spanish and sign language!

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