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Jen and Bonnie searching fossils at Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Charlie and Bonnie searching fossils at Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Coal attached to a rock at Joggins Fossil Cliffs

See the tree in the cliff?

Charlie washing Bonnie off, backward under a water fall

Fossils at Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Jen's turn to clean Bonnie under a water fall after she went...

We drove a short distance to Amherst, Nova Scotia. We stopped just over the NS border at the Visitor Center. We were amazed at how well organized the provincial brochure is and also how helpful the people were at the VC. All the men at the VC looked very Scottish - Medium height, stocky and many with curly even some w/red hair! Both the men and women smiled and were very knowledgable in answering our questions.

We were greeted within our first 3 hours with a terrible thunder storm w/lightning cracking all around us. Bonnie was petrified and our campground almost turned into a lake!

We visited Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a UNESCO site treasured for its continual erosion of the cliffs, revealing plant and animal fossils. Some of the highest tides in the world occur here, eroding the cliff to offer new finds daily. The beach is a red mud toward the water line and tons of rocks toward the cliffs. Bonnie decided to go into the water, sinking up to her belly in red mud. Both Charlie and I took turns rinsing her off under 2 different water falls. Many people found this hilarious and took pictures, including us!

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